Full Name: Cherie Lum
Date of Birth: Jan 11. Capricorn.

Grandparents Born In: Shanghai, China
Parents Born In: Hong Kong, under British Crown rule
Raised In:
New York, New York
Currently Located In: Buffalo, New York

Hobbies: Photography. Shopping. Eating. Traveling. Planning. Hiking. Pokémon Go.

Major: Sociology, B.A.
Status: In A Relationship with a Cherub.

After a lot of thought, I decided to name this blog, NewYorkOHolic. I really didn’t want it to just be named after myself, after all my name isn’t easy to read or say; nor is it particularly meaningful to anybody but my mom who chose it. Considering how this is a blog, it really is a culmination of my  addiction and pride for a city that happens to be New York. Everyone always travels here at least once in their life. I always travel, but it’s the one place I forevermore return.

Over the past few years, being a #NewYorkOHolic became more than a “made-up-word.” It’s now my lifestyle. It isn’t just about being from here but also representing it wherever I am. Whether it means dressing classy or chic, loving to travel, eating fresh, or just being fit and confident, this is how I envision someone who embodies the NewYorkOHolic lifestyle.

So whether you live abroad or no longer live in New York City due to family circumstances, school, work, or just cannot forget one of the best cities in the world, you too can represent NYC! 

This blog is about how I live the NewYorkOHolic lifestyle. Whether it is the fashionable pieces I purchase, what I eat, the places I travel to, how I sculpt my body, or who I choose to do it with, it all comes down to the way I was fundamentally raised in New York City. What has become of me is a very curious, creative and decisive person. I’m a very proud NewYorkOHolic. If that’s you too or someone you want to be, feel free to collaborate with me. I’m still growing with my fashion choices, eating habits, travel experiences, my family, and my friends. Let’s see where this NewYorkOHolic can go!

Of course though much of the credit goes to New York, I do have to give a little lot bit of credit to my family who started it all by creating me and placing me there. Thanks fam bam. 😉 And God too.†


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