How to fight for Food in Thailand 

Hello NewYorkOHolics! 

As many of you know, I’m in Thailand for a few days and started on May 17th. Since then I have gathered some fun observations about food here: they are usually lighter/not as fatty than American food, include lots of fruits, and is cheap. What do I mean? 

Every time I eat something- even if there is a lot-  I never feel “overstuffed.” Things I eat here are soup based, drink lots of water, potatoes, spicyish items, and lots of fruits. 

The image below revolves around bird’s nest. AKA, it is super expensive and collects the spit birds use to create a nest. Wow! 

Taste: 9/10- I just do not like coconut but this is great in general. Do try if you never have. 

Ambiance: 2/10- it is messy, crowded, dirty and no real ac. But that may be a luxury in NYC or American restaurants only. If you are not a germaphobe or mind the heat, this will be fine. 

Customer service: 1/10- they do not really cater to their customers here. If you tell someone something they might help you. However there is a language barrier and most people do not know English. In fact more Thai people know Chinese here. Sometimes they also throw down your dish in anger. I do not think they are angry at anybody but perhaps irritated and are allowed to show it? In America if you are irritated you keep it in the break room. Of course I went to many random local hole-in-the-wall restaurants so it is probably very different in fancier ones. 

Fruits everyday to cool off from the extcrutiating temperatures. Weather is 84-90 plus degrees and fruits really help! 

Taste: 9/10

Ambiance: 8/10- it is hot but you feel great just eating fruits that are sweet and fresh. 

Customer service: 10/10- you do not need language to help someone peel a fruit. Guys are great at this and will come around helping you open more “exotic” fruits. Cool. Thanks!

Sweetest fruits here: mangoes, watermellons, and more! 

Breakfast and dinner photos (typically similar foods): 

Ambiance: 1/10. 

There are a lot of tourists here and man… I hate to put down Chinese people but they uber pushy. I’ll wait in line for food- like a good 10 minuted- and, bam, Chinese peope from tour buses will cut in somewhere in the front. If you let them… 

If you put your elbows up, push their hand away and hover over the person grabbing food (literally on top of their wrist) you won’t be able to get any food. One girl broght her own copsticks to stab at any food she wanted and another older woman scooped food up with two bowls. Uh….. it’s a mad house. Is chivalry dead?!?! 

No, no it isn’t. Several young guys let me cut them…rather let me keep my place after they appeared from no where and take food because I have already been waiting five minutes. Is that chivalry? I don’t know but it was nicer than some lady coming at me with chopsticks. 

Food quality: 8/10

Overall for the experience for a short few days it is totally fine! But I think if I lived her much longer my skin would turn black, I’d eat lots of fruit and get pretty skinny. What do I think about that? Sounds like a diet that will surely change your image! 

This NewYorkOHolic probably needs a more civilized place to live but for vacationing it is not too bad. Definitely visit at least once if you are a true foodie. But do not be picky or have high expectations for customer service or other if you do not know the language. 

Over and out, 

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