Workout Challenge 12/30-1/30

Hi NewYorkOholic cuties! 

As some of you may know, I love working out. Used to workout daily. But with life in the way (like always), I lost track of it (for a little bit). But I want to get back on track. So I’m going to do these 30 day challenges to target my “problem areas.” Because I care what people think…just kidding. I’m doing it for myself. 

Fun fact: my Asian doctor thinks I’m overweight. She’s like “your BMI is normal on this chart, but you’re Chinese, so move it to the left…you’re overweight.” Dead. It’s funny, it is, but it’s a bit rude… 

Okay, so I just want to show her I can be healthy and kick pessimists in the butt, are you going to blame me? 

Anyway found these challenges randomly, but I like them so I’m going to do them. Join! 

Okay see you in 30 days! I’ll post pictures of my body at the end of each month as I progress on that Top Tab called Fitness

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