Tandoori’s Royal Indian Cuisine

Introducing Munchie Mondays! Every Monday I will be featuring one restaurant I tried and liked eating at during the fun work week. It’ll be my spin and ratings on Customer Service, Ambiance, and Quality of food and Presentation. Also feel free to follow me on Yelp. Look up NewYorkOHolic@gmail.com! Instead of DIY foods, my food opinions will be more around…Buy It Yourself foods–AKA food You buy or in this case that I buy. I purchase foods more often than I do to cooking it. Not only does my job make me work long hours, but my grandpa and dad were self-taught chefs so I’ve never had to cook (Unfortunately they never let me in the kitchen when they were doing their magic)! But, if you’re lucky, maybe I’ll try some recipes from great foods I love eating, and you’ll be fortunate enough to see me grow as an amateur chef! Hopefully, it will be edible. I’ll record my face as I eat it 😉

This week I’m choosing Tandoori’s Royal Indian Cuisine! It’s on 7740 Transit Road, Williamsville, NY 14221. 

I’m reviewing Tandoori’s not from the typical customer perspective. Today I had the honor of being invited to AICF’s Annual Appreciation Dinner. It was so good. Here’s some version of what was on the menu:

  • Vegetable Pulao | Basmati rice sauteed with peas and carrots.
  • Naan Rosemary | Naan Flavored with rosemary and served with olive oil.
  • Murg Methi Masala| Boneless chicken pieces marinated with exotic herbs and spices, and cooked with fenugreek leaves.
  • Goat Curry | Traditional goat meat on the bone in a tomato, onion, ginger, garlic curry.
  • Gobhi Aloo | The ever popular combination of cauliflower and potatoes cooked in delicate spices and aromatic tomato sauce.
  • Chilgoza Falli | Stringless green beans and roasted pine nuts create a unique symphony of flavors.

I tried them all, of course. My favorite combos were the rice and chicken; the rice and spicy potatoes; and the naan against the left over sauces. Delicious! The chicken and potatoes were cooked just right. The rice, which is hard to cook poorly, especially if you’re using a rice cooker was good too. I would rate these dishes a 9/10. They all hit the spot I love for Indian food. The naan, though good could have been warmer. I even tried the goat which I thought would taste terrible, but the spices really help take the gamey taste out. I’m still not in love with goat but it isn’t bad; it is definitely worth a try. As a first time trier I rate it a 8/10. You should try it! I wasn’t too crazy about the beans with rice, but hey, if you’re a vegetarian, I hear it’s delicious! Overall, everything was good. Thank you AICF for setting it up!

Now for the ambiance of the Event Area of Tandoori’s I think it’s a good size for about 50 people, good place to set up a presentation if you’d like, and it is pleasant to walk into. Outside of the room, there are statues, chairs and it’s very welcoming.

As for the actual restaurant, I walked into it by accident when first arriving and it looks really nice. It kind of has a bar-feel. I say, if you’re craving Indian, and you’re in the area, with moderate-amounts of cash, come here!

For more on ambiance or customer service, feel free to follow or find me on Yelp with my email newyorkoholic@gmail.com!



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