Coach Wristlet in Fuschia

Happy Fashion Funday NewYorkOholics!! Started in 1941 as a family-run workshop in New York City, Coach were the “pioneers in the leather goods and accessories space, establishing [themselves] as the original American house of leather during the second half of the 20th Century.” If you want a luxurious feel for less, Coach is your kind of style.

I received this wristlet for Christmas in 2015. It’s simple, cute, useful, and seems to be lasting. I don’t normally use wristlets but I happen to need it this year. I use it to carry around my work badge. It can also easily carry a mini wallet, extra cash, a mini pen, and any cards you may need at all times. So instead of attaching it to my pants which I may or may not forget if I change pants the next day, I have it in my handbag at all times.

I’ve come to really love it because I can carry something else without worrying about my wristlet falling (AKA hanging from my wrist, as opposed to my wallet which I NEED pockets for). It doesn’t hurt that it’s cute. I absolutely love the bow-tie. It’s a bit girly, but still is simple. And I love the unique fuschia color. It just pops! And people just notice it right away. Pair it with anything black, or with something dark purple. Either way, it’ll stand out in a good way.

Now with regards to price, although I did not purchase this, it definitely isn’t bad. For the retail value, the tag only said $50.00. That’s totally doable even when you are on a budget. I believe if you get it on sale or look around on sites like eBay you could find it for $30.00. Which is awesome!

Cute, affordable, and is of good quality for that price relative to more luxurious brands-seriously. But whatever you do, stay chic and have fun.<3


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