Kaanas Black & Ivory Marseille Espadrilles

Happy Fashion Funday NewYorkOholics!! The KAANAS brand stands for local, culture-conscious fashion. Each pair is carefully made by hand in a small artisanal shop in Columbia. If you’re all about helping the environment while looking stylish and feeling good this shoe is for you!


Looking for a comfortable and stylish shoe is NOT easy, I repeat not easy. I didn’t understand this when I was younger but now I do. These KAANAS espadrilles are the perfect pair of shoes for both the end of Summer Season and beginning of Fall to walk comfortably, yet in style.

I have had these KAANAS espadrilles for a month now. I could talk about something before trying it in its box form, but I feel it’s not as authentic recommending something I don’t truly “know.” So I have the honor of recommending something I’ve worn and really love. I found it by sheer luck when shopping with my mom at Century 21 on the Lower East Side near Wall Street in Manhattan. It was hidden between some unwanted shoes up above everyone’s heads (tip: when looking for something unique at a good price, look up or down, or in non-traditional spaces. Sometimes the perfect one in your size is misplaced). My mom spotted it after we walked around for an hour. I tried a ton of espadrilles but found them to be too loose, too tight or too stiff until I found this one. Thanks, mom! She is really good at finding quality things for great prices.

This KAANAS is so light and almost feels like I’m not wearing anything. I was looking for a shoe that was versatile yet stylish and preppy. This is it. It is both black and beige/ivory. I can pair it with any leather bag, jacket or pants, white khakis, or just any form of echo friendly mesh recyclable bag.The leather in the front part of the shoe has started to mold towards the way my toes are shaped which is super great; it fits just right. I’ve been wearing it all summer, but cannot wait to pair it up with my darker color things this Fall!!

Lastly, I love these KAANAS because they were purchased for a great deal. It was on sale at the time but the retail value is about $100. Unfortunately, it looks like it is no longer available at Century 21, but you can definitely find lightly used ones or hidden ones at other online stores. I recently spotted a black and beige KAANAS size 10 pair at an online store for $70. Just keep an eye out for it, and if not, just look for shoes as versatile in color as this one, or make sure your feet feel like it’s at home.


But whatever you do, stay chic and have fun.<3


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