A Sweet Picnic

Introducing Wild Wednesdays! On a random Wednesday, sometimes just once a week, sometimes every week, I will be featuring one event I planned or got to be a part of. It’ll be my spin and ratings on how I prepared for it, or felt being in it. I used to be a luxury event planner, so no pressure, but I love making things look good, and organizing various pieces to make one magnificent whole piece. However I’m no Rockefeller, nor do I look like a White male, so I cannot life like one on the daily. I like enjoying life and sprucing it up whenever I can. Hopefully my advice or pictures inspire you from time to time either to do something creative or just to crack open a smile 🙂

This week, I had the pleasure of enjoying a random picnic at a park called Chestnut Ridge with my significant other. I feel like after a while of being in a relationship, things just start to get stale, but you cannot let it. You have to pick up, get some food, pick a place and just go. That’s what we did. Chestnut Ridge Park is not too far away from Buffalo, NY (about 90 minutes away), but far away enough that it felt even more like the country than it already is (compared to a big city like New York lol).

We both cannot cook, so we decided to get some things from Wegmans, a pretty great grocery store. We both chose whatever we wanted. We ended up getting muffins (I chose Apple Cinnamon and Corn, and he choose two Chocolate muffins), cheese sticks wrapped in prosciutto (we fancy), dark purple grapes (that oddly tasted so sweet, almost like it was a peach hybrid), and of course chips (I’m also a chipOholic). We also grabbed a bottle of water from a convenient store (only $0.99–score).

Before I go on further, I just want to say some random facts about the park. It’s not the best or biggest by any means. It’s just a nice close-getaway-from-home. Is that a phrase? Anyway Chestnut Ridge Park is said to be “1,213 acres in Orchard Park, New York. It is originally named for the chestnut trees on its hills. And it is however currently the largest park operated by the Erie County Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry” (thank you Wikipedia). I went right before what feels like Winter starting, but it is open all year around and you can go snowmobiling too or sledding if you see this post in the winter. If you see this post in the summer then definitely feel free to do a variety of things such as play tennis, hike, or have a picnic!

Anyway, we drove into the park, got lost, and parked in the middle of a deserted part. We took out out picnic food, laid out our towels, I played some awesome classical music, and we fed each other. It was so cute if I do say so myself. If that moment was what I felt before I had to die, I would honestly be satisfied. The sun was shining, the birds were occassionally chirping, there actually were random kids playing nearby, but it didn’t bother me one bit. After eating we totally lucked out, because wherever we were, we were right near an abandon brick built restroom. It was like an outhouse but it was clean with working plumming, there just wasn’t any light to light up the stalls. It was a bit creepy at first glance, but it was not too bad after walking inside since nobody was nearby.

Afterwards, we walked towards a nearby paved path for a few hours and just lost. We skipped rocks, took photos, went to high places, limboed below some low branches, and avoided getting bit by snakes or insects. I even found a really cool feather (this is me a city girl at my best country girl behavior). Overall, I just enjoyed getting away from the city and walking all over the new Fallen leaves.

Even if you don’t have a significant other, or friends (though it would be awesome to do it with them), doing it yourself would be meditative and nice as well. Or gather a bunch of strangers on a meetup group to do it. Why not?!

Just remember, enjoy yourself and live with no regrets. Hope you enjoyed my personal event for me and my significant other (thanks to Wegmans).


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