Dolce Gelato

Introducing Munchie Mondays! Every Monday I will be featuring one restaurant I tried and liked eating at during the fun work week. It’ll be my spin and ratings on Customer Service, Ambiance, and Quality of food and Presentation. Also feel free to follow me on Yelp. Look up! Instead of DIY foods, my food opinions will be more around…Buy It Yourself foods–AKA food You buy or in this case that I buy. I purchase foods more often than I do to cooking it. Not only does my job make me work long hours, but my grandpa and dad were self-taught chefs so I’ve never had to cook (Unfortunately they never let me in the kitchen when they were doing their magic)! But, if you’re lucky, maybe I’ll try some recipes from great foods I love eating, and you’ll be fortunate enough to see me grow as an amateur chef! Hopefully, it will be edible. I’ll record my face as I eat it😉


They have gelatos, waffles and crepes, cakes, coffee, and other drinks. I personally just tried the gelatos.

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 8.05.50 PM.png

I have always had some really delicious desserts and growing up in NYC made it no easier to want to eat it when outside at social gatherings, especially since I don’t drink. But living in upstate western New York for work this past year has made it really difficult and it doesn’t help that it’s cold 75% of the year. However, right before winter hits, I manage to hitch a ride up to Toronto , CA through a Pokemon friend. Go team Valor! 😉

After a long day of catching Pokemon like a nerd, we finally settled down to have dinner in Little Italy. We ate at a random Italian place called “The Standard Pizza & Pasta Bar.” Since I’m not reviewing it, I don’t want to particularly dote on it. There were a lot of choices, but I feel like the quality was not as good as I would like. I will however say that for a reasonable price for the area, they have decent pizza. So get that if you make it there 🙂

Now onto the dessert. After dinner, my Pokemon friend A said we have the have the dessert at Dolce. Being the curious foodie that I am, I of course said yes. I don’t remember the particular flavor that I ordered, but it was a mix between the Oreo flavor, and a white colored gelato that had dark chocolate in it.

I honestly don’t even like ice cream, but this gelato was melting in my mouth. It was very good, and I’ve had good gelato from Italy (Rome, Florence, and Venice). I would give the taste a 10/10. Why? Because I was stuffed on carbs and felt absolutely sick before I went to Dolce’s and by the time I ate my small cup, I literally forgot about being full or tired. That never happens to me! So what I’m trying to say is, if you’re in the area, and love gelato try it!

For more on ambiance or customer service, feel free to follow or find me on Yelp with my email!

And if you live in Canada, or NY or have visited and want to have me try something, message me or email me, and I’ll challenge myself to do it! If I like it… I’ll pose with it, with a funny face 🙂


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