Niagara Seafood

Introducing Munchie Mondays! Every Monday I will be featuring one restaurant I tried and liked eating at during the fun work week. It’ll be my spin and ratings on Customer Service, Ambiance, and Quality of food and Presentation. Also feel free to follow me on Yelp. Look up! Instead of DIY foods, my food opinions will be more around…Buy It Yourself foods–AKA food You buy or in this case that I buy. I purchase foods more often than I do to cooking it. Not only does my job make me work long hours, but my grandpa and dad were self-taught chefs so I’ve never had to cook (Unfortunately they never let me in the kitchen when they were doing their magic)! But, if you’re lucky, maybe I’ll try some recipes from great foods I love eating, and you’ll be fortunate enough to see me grow as an amateur chef! Hopefully, it will be edible. I’ll record my face as I eat it 😉

This week I’m choosing Niagara Seafood! It’s on 837 Niagara Street, Buffalo, NY. 

Here’s part of their menu:Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 9.49.50 AM.png

I have always had some really good close Vietnamese friends and growing up in NYC made it no easier to want to eat good Vietnamese food often. But living in upstate western New York for work this past year has made it really difficult and I have seriously been craving Vietnamese dishes.

My go-to dishes are two noodle dishes and one rice dish. So naturally, I wanted to try all the noodles of the area out. I’ve tried two dishes in this restaurant: “PHO” or Phở and “SPICY BEEF NOODLE SOUP.” What I love about this place is that they allow you to choose four different sizes…like who does that?! You can order your dish in S, L, XL, and XXL. The Large is sufficient for a normal meal. If you’re often starving like me, go for the XL 😉

I often order the Spicy Beef Noodle Soup–it comes with slices of beef brisket, bean sprouts (side dish), noodles (vermicelli), some Asian spam/ham slices, and at this location a pig’s feet (I typically ask to have it replaced with some more beef- unless you are on a first date and maybe want to turn off the girl/guy you’re with. Just kidding. They’ll still love you, hopefully!). It is really good, especially if you like spice. It is not super spicy and I’m sure they could adjust the spiciness for you if you need them to.

I originally started eating this dish because one of my best friend’s mom made me the non-spicy version. I went over to her house whenever it was freshly made. It took her a whole morning to prepare for it and I could really taste the love that was put into it. However this was during my university years at Groovy UV (University of Vermont), and leaving Vermont after graduation meant having to find a supplement as tasty as homemade Vietnamese food (impossible). I tried this dish in every state that I could (New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania), but to no avail did I find anything comparably tasty until I went to Washington, DC where there is apparently a decent Vietnamese population.

Anyway, the dish is called Bún bò Huế and it is absolutely delightful if you want a little bit of kick in your mouth. At Niagara Seafood, I would rate this dish a 9/10. You can choose any size, has great flavor, and is actually very authentic tasting. If you do not like spicy, then I would recommend getting the classic noodle dish called phở and enjoy the natural flavors of beef, fish balls (not literally fish intestines), bean sprout, and noodles come together. I think this dish is pretty authentic too. However, if for some reason you do not like Asian flavors at all, this place is still great too, you can order fried rice with meat, tofu or vegetables! 😉

For more on ambiance or customer service, feel free to follow or find me on Yelp with my email!

P.S. Their website is and if you want to order in through Skip The Dishes and save 10%, just apply the voucher code upon checkout:NIAGARA10.


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